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Important Announcements & Adjustments, due to COVID-19:

UPDATE: FSL Staff Advisors will work virtually and telecommute via email, Zoom, & other pre-arranged platforms, for the entirety of the SPRING 2021 semester.

Please visit our FSL Staff Contacts page to locate email and phone contacts and to arrange a Zoom or other virtual meeting.

If you make a physical visit to 340 Student Center East (3 South), please NOTE that ALL visitors must wear a face covering and will be stopped at the front desk to the office suite entry of 3 South for, to ensure compliance to BOTH the HealthCheck and Daily Pass:

This “How-to Guide” takes you through the HealthCheck and Daily Pass tools.


Important UIC FSL COVID-19 Guidance, updated November 10, 2020:

November 10, 2020

Dear FSL Community,

We take sincere pause to remind our entire community that we are in the midst of a staggering pandemic and surge of active COVID-19 cases, across the globe and here at home in our neighborhoods.  The United States passed the sobering total of 10 million infections on Monday, and Illinois state health officials again reported more than 10,000 new cases, while our seven-day positively rate increased to 11.4%.  This is serious, and we must address it as such.

Since August 31, UIC FSL has maintained that organizations will not host socials/mixers at any time in our current Phase, and with our Chancellor's update September 4, we have communicated a limit of 10 persons in all gatherings.  We have not changed from this position in FSL, and we are reinforcing our adherence to these critical public health standards.

On October 30, our campus positivity rate markedly increased, citing overwhelming cases from household transmission and social gatherings. Please continue to follow the guidelines implored in these data-driven messages and all updates from UIC's Response to COVID-19.

If you are contacted by university officials on the COVID-19 Contact Tracing team, we expect you to cooperatively follow all directives in their communication regarding testing and quarantine.

FSL and student organization events will not cease entirely, though we must caution everyone to find sensible and mission-centered reasons to host any event -- for example, a socially-distant beach cleanup, volunteer hours at a food pantry under site supervision, or a nature hike with members staggered in open air.  Anytime you are near someone else, with the absolute limit of 10 persons in any gathering, be certain you wear a mask, wash your hands, take your temperature, and maintain six or more feet of distance.

Thank you for demonstrating servant leadership together, so we can keep our community healthy and #ShowYouCare.


Kevin, Lori, & Mel

UIC Fraternity and Sorority Life

[PDF copy of this above email located here]


Important UIC Announcements, due to COVID-19, updated September 4, 2020:

*UIC is limiting student social gatherings on campus to 10 or fewer people in public spaces.
*Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) will adopt and uphold this policy until further notice.

UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis emailed the university community on Friday, September 4, 2020, encouraged by the commitment to adhere to COVID-19 safety measures on campus.

"Many universities across the country are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases mainly as a result of social gatherings that are not related to academic activities. To avoid a similar spike at UIC, we have decided to limit student social gatherings on campus to 10 or fewer people in public spaces and a maximum of four in living spaces. These gatherings will still require distancing and face covering. Individuals who violate the safety rules and pose an immediate threat to the health or safety of themselves or others will be subject to due process according to the Student Disciplinary Policy, which could result in suspension and dismissal from campus."

Read Chancellor Amiridis's full message here


Important Announcements & Adjustments, due to COVID-19, updated as of AUGUST 31, 2020:

FALL 2020 - FSL Staff Advisors will work virtually and telecommute via Zoom and other pre-arranged platforms.

Please visit our FSL Staff Contacts page to locate email and phone contacts and to arrange a Zoom or other virtual meeting.

If you make a physical visit to 340 Student Center East (3 South), please NOTE that ALL visitors must wear a face covering and will be stopped to be temperature checked at the front desk to the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) suite that serves as the entry to 3 South.


Student Safety in all (Social) Gatherings

-Your health and safety remain our priority as the university has begun its fall semester, and students, faculty, and staff now traverse the campus and interface in very limited settings.

-While in Phase 4 in Illinois, UIC FSL will not permit any socials/mixers for organizations or between and among any co-hosting organizations.

-It is critical that we limit the size of gatherings at any time and do not congregate in groups.

-Any socials/mixers do the complete opposite, and are breeding grounds for tightly packed spaces, unwashed and/or shared surfaces, common food & beverage, and lack of ventilation.

-Organizations found in violation of this prohibition of FSL socials/mixers will be brought in for review with FSL advisors and may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for continued adjudication.

Please help one another and use your positive spheres of influence to eliminate any gatherings like this, instead focusing on limited, safe, well-planned gatherings, if any.

-FSL organizations may put in a space request to host appropriately distanced business meetings and other chapter events, whereby all requests will be reviewed by a team of UIC staff for event management and environmental health and safety, prior to any approval, to ensure a safety plan is in place for the attendees and their purposes of gathering:

-Remember, the largest gathering of any type on campus is 50, and many spaces have a capacity much lower than this, to allow for 6-feet of distancing in meeting rooms.

-We have adopted the #ShowYouCare mantra at UIC, and we remind everyone to follow these key measures at all times, even with those you love and trust in your FSL siblinghood:

* Wear a Mask

* Keep Your Distance

* Take Your Temperature

* Wash Your Hands


-The university’s Circle Back to Campus plans have robust steps in all aspects of Academic and Student Life, found in this table of contents at the base:


** UPDATE: As of 3-17-2020, the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) is closed with all staff working remotely through the end of the spring 2020 semester.

Please reach out over email, where we will be accessible at (Kevin Cane), (Lori Marshall), and (all general inquiries).

You may also dial us, and please leave a voicemail, using 312-413-5527 (for Kevin), and (872) 529-1922 (for Lori), where we will routinely have access to voicemails to return communication.

Thank you and be well!



** Please review the following FSL statement, issued 3-12-20200 regarding university updates on COVID-19 and how to manage current/future FSL events:

Dear FSL Community COVID-19

In reference, please also stay attuned to university updates, including:

President Killeen's email

UIC email

Center for Student Involvement (CSI) email "UIC Student Organization Events And Annual Registration"


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